Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogging Portfolio

This is a concept I thought of trying out at the end of this year. I now plan on using this as my main ELA writing venue and developing an digital writing portfolio. The blog form will allow students to peer edit a little easier, it will allow constant revision and editing and at the same time, allow students to continue writing new articles.

Here is my plan:

1. Students create a Blogger account.
2. Students are given the writing list...a list of differnt styles of writing they will be asked to do throughout the year.
3. Allow time for students to write in their blogs.
4. Near the end of the term, students will create a Googledoc hyperlinking their best writing in each area and explaing why it is their best.

Some examples of articles I plan on doing are:
- Argumentitive Essay
- Career research
- Research Essay
- Short Story
- Descriptive Writing
- Vodcast explanation of peer editing and revising.
- Response Journals
- Pre-writing exercises.

It will be important to teach my students to label or tag their articles properly, since they will need to access old articles easy. A few of my students have begun this process here and here.