Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Sorry Drupal

Earlier in my blogs I expressed my frustrations with the Drupal Content Management system.  Those frustrations came soley from the user friendly perspective. 

I am the in-school technology advisior and administrator of our web site.  I realize now that in that position, I need to know a little more than "user friendly" application.  I had a staff member show me how easy some of my frustration could be eleviated if I just spent a little more time and focus on the site. (Thanks Brian) 

I am now much more confident and realize that the information out on Drupal is great, user friendly and informative.  Nevermind the infastructure in my own division that I had forgot about. (Thanks Donna)

So, sorry to Drupal and thank you to all those who help make technology easy to use and understand.

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