Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My New Pride

I have noticed something of late. Not only do I find myself very busy, I have a new, greater sense of pride and excitement in what I do at work. In my role as in-school technician and network administrator, I have spent a number of hours teaching myself, experimenting, and creating. In my experiments and as my wife would say, playing, have taught a number of incredible skills.

I know use these skills to teach both students and staff, and the odd parent or community member, how to use the new internet. Web 2.0 has changed my teaching, changed my routines in life and given me a new perspective on my career.

Recently, I have been very proud of my staff for their involvement in learning and using new Web 2.0 tools along with new technologies in their teaching. I can't wait for the conversations I have with staff about our school content management website, their class blogs, or pictures and videos they want to make.

Each week I host a "Tech Tips" clinic in which staff, both teaching and non, are invited to learn how to use new web 2.0 tools. Last year there was a real focus on our new school website, which happens to be very wiki-like. This year we are pushing for classroom blogging. Once that is set up we will use our weekly meetings to organize, refresh ideas and share.

This is what brings me my new found pride. I would like to share with you some of my staffs greatest accomplishments so far:

1. School website - Nearly all staff maintaining their own site.

2. Staff Class Blogs

Grade 2

Grade 4

Grade 9

Grade 10

CPT 20

3. My classroom wikis.

IP 10


I hope that people will follow my colleagues and our students as they embark on this new learning journey. I am very proud of what we have done so far and look forward to doing so much more, with so many more people, so much more often.


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Jaime Germann said...

It is nice to see that all of your hard work and extra work has payed off. I know that your wife is very proud of you and knows that all the time that you spending doing this is worth it and can see the successes. Peyton and Rayna miss their daddy but appreciate that you have found all of this extra time since your laptop is much more efficient and make working at home much easier. The correcting of English though we need to cut some of that out. Just jokes. The price of teaching English. Maybe less papers. Something to think about.