Monday, June 27, 2011

QR Codes in the Classroom

We are seeing these square codes popping up all over the place. What are they? They are, as Marci Lewis would say, a bar code on steroids. These codes are two dimensional unlike the one dimensional bar codes we have seen on products so often.

QR codes use in education... WHY? They are intriguing.

One use, create a website first, intrigue students with an image, QR code beside it, that takes them to a website pre-created and allow them to surf from there. Getting out of their seats, using their phones and waiting to see what the code takes them to is more than engaging. Add your content or theme with the image that gives them a topic or hint.

I see myself getting students to share their writing by attaching an alluring image with a QR code beside it. The QR code would take people to a website/blog with the students writing.

QR codes used as emails for feedback. ie. students found the resource attached helped scan one code that emails me or scan another code that emails me a different code. I am sure a website could be attached rather than an pre-created email, a website that would keep track of clicks.

Another use is the augmented reality. A former student showed me this years ago. I love that it is now becoming a reality. (SMART calls this Mixed reality) Check out Zoo Burst.

This session was great. I was looking forward to this one and it fulfilled my excitement.

Check the following links for more information or apps:

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