Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Labcarts - The way of the future

Laptop carts! What a great idea, and how come I just heard of this? I just finished an online conference with my intech group. I found out that Regina schools are moving almost totally to laptop carts.

As a teacher who focuses a lot on classroom management, the idea of bringing my computers into my already routine and known setting. No new seating plan according to the usually poorly laid out computer lab design. No "quiet in the hallway". No finding out that another class is using the lab because you were not there right away. It is as simple as taking out a new textbook.

The advantages I see for the students are endless. Better concentration. Ability to move to a more suitable location (adaptation or not) and do the dame assignment. Concealed modifying for the low self-esteem students, etc.

As a teacher who may be a little unsure of technology, this is a great way to excite them, leave them in a comfort zone. They do not have to deal with wires or connections.

I now plan to push, hard, for a labcart in my school. I know it would be an easy sell for the uses. The fiances, and maintenance will be a stumbling block but hopefully we can get it going soon. I foresee this working so well that staff would rather book the labcart than a computer lab.


jim.ellis said...

Eldon, you are correct. Mobile labs are GREAT! We received one to try this year. Having access to the machines when you need them is perfect for student learning. I also like Regina's idea of having a laptop available for each student entering grade 9. I am convinced that they will require this machine as a necessary tool for their education. Jim Ellis

Anonymous said...

I agree as well Eldon. I would be thrilled to have a laptop cart in my room (or at least to share with other classes in our school). Computer pods are nice, but they take up more space and I can only have 6 students on at a time. If we want to work on something as a class, a 1:1 ratio of computers would be AWESOME!