Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Video Uploading

So I get an email form our tech guys telling me we do not have much space left on our server. When investigated, I found out that with our move to technology teaching, better quality cameras equals a whole lot of sotrage needed.

Any suggestions on good upload sites to use, like youtube, that are good for students as well would be appreciated.


Donna said...


If you mean storage for digital photos flickr is the best however students do need to have a Yahoo email account. If you want to use flickr I would recommend maybe a school account - in which case you may want a pro account ($25/year) which allows for unlimited uploading and the ability to create sets and collections.

Photobucket is a good choice for students as they can use their school email address to get an account.

Donna said...

Just read your title more clearly... video uploading.

This post, "Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources" from Mashable describes several video storage sites.

The two that I hear about the most other than YouTube are Google video (good for longer videos) and viddler.

terrelhill said...

if you mean storage of video that is to be edited, we are using an xserve raid. this provides 750 g for storage of files which include video for editing. it also includes 2 other 750 g partitions for backups. this can be expanded with more larger drives. Once the video projects are edited and exported to web quality (much smaller file) they are stored in the students Sites folder(web accessible). the projects are then moved to another 750 gig drive to be stored for future archive use.
video projects may take up a fair bit of space (30 gig) but when they are exported to web quality they are quite small and affordable in terms of space. the higher quality video should be kept if it is to be used for future projects.

Kodie said...

There are a few options that could be used. One is a website called Revver, it has better quality than YouTube, and has the ability to put age ratings and such on. Other than Revver and YouTube, I'm not really sure.

Kodie said...

Oh, and external hard drives are fairly cheap.

One terrabyte of space for as cheap as $320! That's a lot cheaper in comparison to a high performance 150 gig 10,000 RPM Raptor hard drive.