Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MacklinStaff » STF PD Day May 5

MacklinStaff » STF PD Day May 5

So I presented with Donna Desroche at the Tri-west STF PD day in North Battleford.  Our presentation, as laid out on the wiki, was on using a content management site like Drupal in a school.  The presentation was supposed to have Owen Odonovan presenting as well but Owen was unable to make it.

The presentation went great.  Donna explained both what you need on the technical end and how to take the most basic Drupal site and get it ready for school use.  Donna described how to set up colours and skins, user accounts, modules and blocks. 

I was then in charge of discussing how Macklin School trained and uses the newe Drupal school site.  I explained the different things I tried at our school.  The most successful being the one-on-one.  I also explained our failures, mostly trying too much too fast.  You can see all of the material I have used and tried on the wiki link at the top of this article.

I also learned that Google docs has  a great publishing option that formats quite nicely into Drupal.  I received a quick demo but I will have to play with it.  More on that in postings to come.

All in all it was a good presentation.  Nothing is better that learning something new when you are the presenter.

ps.  I was supposed to present the same presentation alone for the second session.  No one showed up so I got in on Donna's Social bookmarking presentation.

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pcone said...

Sorry I didn't make it to your presentation Eldon. I wanted to see the Google Docs by Rob and it was 2 sessions long. Even though I knew a lot of what he presented, it was most reassuring to know I was on the right Google path - if there is one.

Allison Sherwin said...

Hey Eldon! I am glad to hear your presentation went well. I was coming to the second session, but the schedule only had you on for the FIRST! I went to the comediam instead and it was great, but I look forward to checking out your wikispace to learn how to use Drupal...it is one of my goals for next year.

Gary Ball said...

I am going to second Allison's comment. Your second session was not on the list. I planned to be there for the first one but our whole staff went out for lunch and none of our meals came until after 1:00. I will look over your wiki though. Thanks for putting your slideshow up on it.

Eldon said...

No worries fellow In-techs. I enjoyed my first session much more than I would have my second. You can find the material on the wiki link at the top of this blog article.

Allison - I hear from a few fellow staff members that you had a good session. To quote, "She had all this stuff she is doing that was great, and I was like looking at what I am doing and I was like, shut up." In translation, you are doing a good job.