Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How do I start Web 2.0?

I was asked the other day where to begin. I take every opportunity possible to talk to my staff about web 2.0 and get them using it. So when the question came, I had 100 answers. I quickly came back to blogging. I believe blogging is the beginning and one can learn so much form there.

"So, how do I start blogging?" - Random staff member.

I gave the following list of questions and instructions.
1. What do you want to blog about.
Choose a hobby or a professional topic or theme OR blog with your class.
a. Professional Blog --- Use Blogger or Wordpress
b. Class Blog --- Use ClassBlogmeister

2. Then I was asked what to blog about.
Answer: The best way is to write about interests or current topics.
Then, try to post pictures and videos in your blog entries.
Then, try making some image generation and hyperlinks in your blog entries.
*** All the while, read other blogs. Get a reader and begin blogging about
what you read or use things you read in your blog. ***

This is what I said.

What are the other opinions out there?

Better blogs?
Better way to start?
Wikis vs. Blogs?


Donna said...

I like the way you have outlined the blogging process -- especially what you said about reading other blogs. I think that is the best way to really find out what blogging is all about. The next step is to start commenting on others' blogs - start to become a part of the conversation.

pcone said...

I'm wondering if it depends on the interests of the individual teacher. Personally, if I didn't have this professional blog, I don't think I would do it.
I think some people might find something like Voicethread (or even your very very cool Rock You slide show) a good place to start. Another place might be Google Docs...shared slide shows.

My in-laws, husband, and I use Flickr as a means of keeping in touch. We post photos, and others comment on them.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I think that conversation is the key. Blogging can definitely start that conversation. I think that the excitement of having someone new post on your blog is great motivation to keep going. (Cluster maps are good too, as if you can see that other people have viewed your blog, you feel like you have an audience.) Commenting is very important too as Donna said, although uncomfortable at first if you are inexperienced.

About wikis...I love the wikispaces that I have for various projects, but I feel like a collaborative wiki (one that has the conversation that is essential for learning) has to start first with an initial conversation...found in a blog, chat room, etc... I will not give up my wiki, but I don't think it would be as dynamic if I was always looking for other people to work with via other web 2.0 tools.

Morag Riddell said...

I'm also using blogs to get my staff and students started with Web 2.0. I'm actually amazed at what the students come up with. On one of the days I was absent from my school, for PD, all the classes had a Farm Safety presentation. I left as my computer assignment that the grade 5 and 6 class blog about what they learned from the presentation. I was really impressed with the quality of entries I got from my students. All but one was thoughtful and quite serious about what they had listened to at the presentation. It was also great to be able to read and approve the blogs from over 200 km away.