Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Non-fiction Resources ... paper or plastic (www.)

I have had a number of conversations with teachers and administrators on whether or not purchasing non-fiction paper source is worthwhile. We have heard of a number of schools that have stopped putting money into non-fiction resource.

Here is my belief.

Division I and II need paper source.

Division III need a lot of training on how to search the internet properly, how to use data bases and how to cite sources.

Division IV should be able to find almost all non-fiction resources on-line and in paper sources such as periodicals. Again, division IV needs help on how to research properly.

What do you think?

What does your school do?

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pcone said...

I agree totally. In fact, I remember one of the first inservices we ever had on the internet, Grant Dougal from Saskatoon made the same point. He and a teacher-librarian whose name escapes me, said to start with an encyclopedia page photocopied to teach notetaking.

Someone else I heard / saw / read ???? said that reading in English is a left to right scanning for the eyes. Computer screens tend to make the eyes fixate on one spot making left to right tracking difficult.

Keep up the good posts.