Sunday, June 22, 2008

CPT 30 Wiki - Gearing up for 08/09

I am SOOOO excited about teaching next year. I have moved from teaching physical education to my more current interest, which is technology. I am teaching one course that I am very excited about which is the Communication Production Technology 30 Course. I am planning on incorporating all that I have learned in the past year to this course. My students will blog and I am putting my entire year plan on a wiki.

This wiki will eventually have everything from project explanation and assessment rubrics to showcasing student work.

This wiki is an obvious work in progress.

Up coming additions:
1. Digital Citizenship Introduction page.
2. Student Blog list page.
3. Project page
4. Assessment page
5. Student Work Showcase page
6. Macklin Radio Page


P. Fjeldstrom said...

Good for you Eldon! I am excited for you! I look forward to reading your updates on how it is going on your blog! Looks like a lot of fun will be had next school year!

Donna said...

This is very exciting! CPT 30 is a course that allows for 'authentic learning' as students can complete projects that make a difference in their school.

I too look forward to following your students undertakings in this course.

Anonymous said...

Can I take your class?