Monday, July 7, 2008

Smoove Summer Music #1



Grade 5 and 6 Hafford Central School said...

Hey Eldon

I don't know what I like better...Bob Marley or my cursor turning into a doggie when it goes across your page!

This is Pat by the way.

Do you like Plurk?

Anonymous said...

I too like the dog thing How can I do that?

Does the CCR love come from going to the lake with the Wolfe's?

Also I will try to find the footage for you of a band covering marley's 3 little birds. The Great Train Reverie did this tour and they sang the song to some kids who poked their heads out of a window of a McGill Residence, to a preschool class, older people on a train and countless times in numerous bars across Canada. I think you'd like it.

MommyAtHome said...

I wanted to comment on your blog so you could see that I added a picture of me to my blog