Thursday, October 16, 2008

iSITS Reflection

Today we had yet another great meeting with the In-School Instructional Technology Support (iSITS) group in which the conversations alone are invaluable, nevermind I got to sit with Mavis and James (pic above). We began the day discussing the divisions "Computer Technology Acceptable use" policy.

This was interesting in our attempt to find "our" place in implementing this document. The first thing I discovered is that we need to, as a division, clarify the network administrators role, for those who have them, versus the iSITS member. The two roles cross over so easily and both are responsible for much. In fact, three of the four "goals and expectations" fall into our laps. I do look forward to implementing this document more effectively after the "filtering training".

I also enjoyed sharing our new tools and strategies. I talked with Gary Ball and a number of others on how to solve some of the bandwidth issues. We came up with a few ides but nothing substantial. This problem goes way beyond our local issues, ie. communitynet.

I did a min-presentation on . This relatively new tool is GREAT for teachers. It has a chat, assignment, calendar, alert and grade system. Students create their own accounts under you, the teacher, and all the work on Edmodo is monitored by the teacher. In general, Edmodo will allow you the teacher to teach in a much more open, engaging and semi-timeless style. More on this can be found on my other blog, EdBlogTips.

All in all a good day. The most important part of meetings like this is getting new ideas, conversing with others and building the strength of our network. All of this we can take back to our staffs and SHARE!!!

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