Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Unknown Blog-Search - A Question

I have a question. If you have three or four minutes of your life you can spare, please listen to the podcast below and comment.

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Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You want the kids to random search sites. Are they all blog specific? They then have to read them in order to rate them according to criteria you have set out. Then they reflect on each site. Does this meant they are writing a short report on each site? Then they network. You say through a social network tool. Is it just their blogs or are they doing it through other websites and applications? Then they make a presentation live and online. Is the online one more of a tutorial or is it streamed video of the live presentation?

I find most networking is through friends and family. I may be biased though as I do not trust people on the internet I do not know. However networking outside of this is the hardest thing to do. I find that the only way to do it is to stay active and that may mean contact more than once a day. Which in turn takes a lot of time, I spend a few hours a day on the internet and I would be unable to keep any network going. Unless you have a way to network with other schools like pen pals. Also I assume you have a plan to protect the kids from all the creeps. Now if I am understanding everything correctly I think as an assignment it should work. Although it may be a bit much for the kids as far as work load. I think if you limit the sites say 5 or so sites as a minimum then those with time and who are very interested can do more but don't base marks on quantity.