Monday, March 9, 2009

PLC's in Macklin

It is fairly well known about the PLC journey Macklin is undertaking.  We gave this a serious try starting last year when  our staff pre-approved the new schedule that allows us one hour of meeting time a week.  This schedule was approved by the community and the board and so we began.

This year began with us trying to figure out what PLC's really are.  A small number of our staff and our administrators had a it of a grasp and tried to explain it to us.  Many of us struggled with our roles ... what indicates we are plc'ing properly ... how much effort should we put into this if it is a just a new initiative ... etc.  These questions and concerns were discussed regularly but rarely had sufficient answers.  

As the weeks went on, we tried different groupings, different strategies to find the bid ideas, and even stopped ... backed up ... to set group norms. We finally settled into groupings.  I am a part of the 6-12 ELA group. 

In our new groups, with a bit better understanding and focus, we began to set standards.  This was the beginning of my understanding of our PLC.  I saw the relevance of it, how it related to my classroom and more importantly, how it will improve student learning.  Things like collaboration, even if it begins primarily as verification that "we are doing most things right", gave me reasons to try harder.  That alone, began the improvement of student learning.

Now I am not saying that we are anywhere close to showing significant increase in student achievement, but I know were I am going now, who I am going with, and how to get there.  I believe that there will be a lot of conversations in the near future on step 2, but for now, I am enjoying having purpose.

Purpose is the reason that I bought into PLC's.  I see where I need to go and why.  That alone gives me the drive to do more, think outside the box, relax and try new things, etc.  

I can't wait until we finish our "Big Ideas", "Common Assessment" and start to look at data.  As strange as it sounds to hear a ELA teacher get excited about data, that is where it is at.

Today's presentation by Anthony Muhammad validated that idea in me.  When I pre-test, formative, I look at data, free up time I would regularly waste boring students and focus on what is needed.  When our data begins on the larger scale, I will get to really learn how to refine, change, toss out and keep with the things I do.

Until then, I continue to focus on my new personal goal, "Learn to be a better learner, use best teaching practices to be a better teacher, use data to make my school a better school." 

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Jaime Germann said...

I have enjoyed watching you change over the last 7 years of your teaching career. I think you have grown so much as a teacher and a learner. You have become more open to change and learning. Not that you didn't want to learn but maybe you were just trying to survive and find your place. Just 7 years ago you were on your way to being a physical education teacher and now you are crazy about technology and English. I have found that being at home now and not in the school, I miss all the excitement and learning that happens. I hope that when I get back into teaching I can follow your enthusiasm and drive and become a better teacher too.