Monday, March 23, 2009

It Summitt

Today I will get my initiation to "the summit".  In my two years of intense learning, using, refining, growing and geeking, I have needed a conference like this.  Some of the presenters of the best our world has to offer in the EdTech business.

In this initiation, I am also presenting.  I am presenting about a tool I use in my classroom called Edmodo.  This is a teacher/student backchatter.

I have created an introduction video to share.  This is the ... "why we need to use a tool like this."

Please give feedback.

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Michael Gaudet said...

I applaud your efforts to introduce technology and engagement (working hand-in-hand) to your classroom!
I feel this is a very important component of 21st century education that really ought not to be overlooked.
Streamlining various Social Media services are a great way to leverage research and communication efforts.
The internet provides not only a huge (static) source of information, it also creates the possibility to actively engage with experts in every field for anyone on a learning curve!
Please take a minute and visit my blog at
I have a Sask-Grown technology concept that I want to introduce as a learning/teaching aid in 2010.
Will you please let me know what you think?
In the meantime, I will follow you on Twitter!
Michael Gaudet