Monday, March 30, 2009

Time to Talk with Kids

The last week or so I have been really getting into some great converstations around technology in the classroom, student accountability, the future of education and assessement.  These converstations have been with many different people, mostly my PLN.  However, I have had a number of these converstations with my students.

I did not expect these converstations to be as one sided as they were.  One sided in the way that the students talked much more than I.  You see, most technology conversations are:
  • Mr. Germann saying something along the lines of, "This site is great."
  • Mr. Germann saying "What do you think of ..."
  • Student saying, "one word answer."
  • Mr. Germann saying, "How about you, what do you think of..."
  • Student saying, "one word answer"
  • and so on.
So when these conversations began to grow, and I saw my students intersted, involved and respectfully arguing with each other, I thought to myself ... others should here this.  Now I realize many others get this n there classroom everyday, I don't.  So my enthusiasm may be misled or selfishly driven, but I do think others would like to hear this.

Therefore, I am beginning a new task.  I plan on moving into a Darren Kuropatwa-like podcast.  I plan to podcast with a number of my students, the ones offereing interesting perspectives, my wife, @germannjaime on twitter, staff, administration and anyone else willing to have interesting confersations with me.

Even if no one listens, even if no one is interested, I will have these conversations to keep and go back to.

Here is the intro. music I created this weeked.  I had my toddler son help me with the voice.

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