Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Impressed with Empressr

Empressr is the newest presentation tool I have been working with.  I found this program to be a powerful and easy to use presentation tool that almost anyone could use.

The program offers many of the regular features that other presentation tools have; text, charts, shapes, alignment, uploading and backgrounds.  There are a few extra features of this program I would like to talk about: Interesting transitions, reflections, the import tool and the tech team.

The transitions offered in this program have a nice new look to them.  So for those of you getting irritated with the powerpointless "glass smash" for every transition, there is something new.  Adding the transitions is ridiculously easy as well.

The reflections feature creates a cool looking reflection of images.  Layered, this looks interesting and appealing.  Engaging you audience is always so important, have new interesting transitions and image reflection alone makes the program worthwhile.

The import tool allows one to search for youtube videos, flickr images, google and yahoo.  Once a url is found, you can automatically embed that item into your presentation page.  This makes using social media in presentation crazy easy!  Plus, if you are inserting your own material, you do not need to get the raw file, but can access your own accounts.

The final feature is the tech team.  Hours after I added a question to the support page of the Empressr site, @bryanthatcher contacted me through twitter asking what was wrong.  I explained it to him, in under 140 characters, and he informed me the guys would look at in the morning.  Today, I get a tweet from @globalcitizen asking me to follow him and he will DM me the detail of my problem.  I got back to @globalcitizen and within an hour we were in a Skype chat and he was explaining thoroughly and easy to understand.  

@globalcitizen was extremely easy to chat with, informative and encouraging.  I was given some extra feedback on my presentation design which was also very beneficial.  The fact that tech support is that fast and easy to understand is what sets this program apart from others.  

I would recommend anyone and everyone to try out Empressr.  

My experience was great!



Ryan Nickell said...

Wow, that is support! I haven't looked at this yet but is it free? If it is and that is the kind of support you get then wow again. Have you used cooliris yet? It is also a program I would like to try but if you have used them both I would love to hear your thoughts.

Mike Davis said...

Ryan --

Yes, empressr is a free tool. And the support is free also. I know your question about cooliris is not directed at me, but it is indeed a very cool product.

Let me know if you have any questions about empressr. I'm @globalcitizen on twitter, and would love to hear from you!


Eldon said...

Thanks Mike.

Ryan - Not only is this program free and the tech support great, but it can be used so easily in middle years and high school education. It is an easy tool to use and appealing to the eye.

@globalcitizen is a great tech support, any program questions he can answer, thoroughly and efficiently.

Anonymous said...

The replacement for power point shouldn't be the same type of program. Video is far more powerful and with proper programs your support is better. I understand budget concerns with schools but I strongly feel that even one computer with a world of possibilities in a program like After Effects would mold a young mind like no other.

Eldon said...

However, one cannot present while a video is playing like you could by using a presentation tool that incorporates video.

This program also offers itself to the younger grades who have limited knowledge on even how to use a video camera, nevermind edit.

If it is a presentation tool, it must incorporate MULTI-media, not just video. Don't forget, a picture can say 1000 words.

I do wish though that we had better video editing software, time to learn and use it and training. Baby steps...we will get there.

Anonymous said...

Video can present. Even if you want to use a simple DVD authoring program to do so. What your forgetting is video is all about timing. You can time what ever you want with it. The pause button can fix any interruptions and jog using chapters. You can do way more clever things in video b/c you options are limitless. Anything you can do in a presentation you can do in video except better. Presentation programs only have transitional features of video programs.