Monday, May 11, 2009

My PLC Reflection

This school year was much like that last.  As you know, last year my learning curve sky rocketed with my position on the iSITS committee and our school network administrator.  This year has been much the same.  The interesting thing is that the focus of my technology learning and the PLC’s our school has focused on go hand in hand.

However, the PLC learning did not start off as fast as the technology.  It wasn’t until we got together with division III and IV ELA colleagues that the PLC concept made sense to me.  I saw its relevance right away, the process made sense but how it related to my classroom was confusing. As the division III and IV teachers began, it began to make sense and again, my learning curve sky rocketed.

Our common ELA language came by the ELA 30 teachers initiative and we created our standards. Once we had this common language, we began to break down our standards in the PLC format.  This was interesting in how we analyzed the “important” parts of ELA, not all came from our curriculum.

Recently, we have been doing more of the collaboration part, in the aspect of, “where do we go from here”.  This is where I relate so much to the technology learning, although it has been a major part throughout, whether it be study hall or research.  I researched how to bring the big ideas into my classroom and received lots of ideas.  I bounced these off of my colleagues and with the help of them and the Saskatoon PLC format,  I have figured out how we will create, unit-ish plans that will incorporate our standards and big ideas.  

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